Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Medical Tourism – USA Residents And International Patients Can Experience The Piedmont Physical Medicine Difference No Matter Where They Live

Medical Tourism USAPatients who utilize either domestic medical travel or international medical tourism to see Dr. Robert Schwartz at Greenville’s Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation find that there is a big difference in the standard of care they receive. The commitment of Robert G. Schwartz M.D. and his staff to patient centered care is unlike any other clinic in the country. The staff focuses on bringing comfort through treatment of each patient. Dr. Schwartz and his entire staff are committed to finding the root cause of pain, weakness or numbness.

Experience Medical Tourism From An Exceptional Staff

From the moment that patients walk in the door, they are welcomed by a staff ready to start the path toward relief of pain, weakness or numbness. Medical tourism USA and international patients can be confident that the clinic will handle all aspects of administration internally including insurance, billing and collections. Each patient is treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

Holistic Effort For Treatment For Medical Tourism And All Patients

When it comes to the actual treatment, Dr. Robert Schwartz is ready to help patients who take advantage of medical tourism. USA residents and international patients can be sure that the staff will work to treat both the physical and emotional aspects of the pain, weakness or numbness. Their effort to properly diagnose the root cause ensures that patients can find the appropriate treatment to bring relief. Robert G. Schwartz M.D. uses various tests in order to appropriately diagnose the underlying problem and then uses innovative, non-opiate methods of treatment that bring relief.

The exceptional care provided by Piedmont is well worth traveling for in order to find effective pain relief methods. To learn more about patient and medical tourism services from Robert G. Schwartz M.D. visit http://piedmontpmr.com and http://piedmontpmr.com/patientservices.html.